KONE revolutionized the industry in 1996 with the world’s first machine room-less elevator – the KONE MonoSpace® – and the groundbreaking energy-efficient KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine. The proven track record includes half a million KONE EcoDisc machines installed worldwide. In 2012 KONE launched a new range of elevators based on years of intensive research of both our customer needs and the possibilities of new technology.

The result is an industry-leading elevator solution that will serve the demands of the buildings and cities of the future. GeCo, being an exclusive distributor of KONE products for over 20 years has brought these innovative pioneering products to the country of Albania & Kosovo.

Elevator solutions

Our elevators offer best-in-class eco-efficiency, industry-leading ride comfort, and award-winning design for all types of buildings. If you are wondering what solutions best meet the needs of your building. Below are given all the different elevator types, depending on building and elevator usage, travel height, load and speed requirements.

Explore our fully renewed range of products and see for yourself what sets KONE apart.

Escalators & Autowalks

Every minute of every day, somewhere in the world, millions of people are using escalators and autowalks. In department stores, shopping centers, cinemas, sports complexes, exhibition halls, airports, railway stations, metro stations and a host of other buildings, escalators and autowalks are quietly, efficiently, safely and unobtrusively transporting large numbers of people. The key to their smooth and successful operation is efficient planning.

GeCo objective is to deliver a performance edge to our customers by creating the best user experience allowing people to move around smoothly, safely and eco-efficiently in and between buildings. Our escalators and autowalks set the standard for safety, reliability, visual design, space savings, and eco-efficiency.