Planning Tools

Planning tools of our company

Our company using latest software technology is able to provide assistance to architects and project engineers with drawings of elevators, shaft dimensions for different elevator capacities, escalator and ramp planulators. We can also provide a traffic analysis so that the products are ordered according to building usage and performance requirements. Furthermore with the EnerCal software we can calculate the energy consumption of the products offered.
KONE Elevator Planner
KONE Elevator Planner helps you find and configure the right elevator solution. You can also create customized CAD drawings and specs in minutes for elevators with up to 16 floors.

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KONE CarDesigner
With our new Car Designer tool you can either choose pre-designed elevator cab interiors or create your own design by choosing from our range of components. See the interior in 3D, download and save your design in PDF with the image of the elevator car and the list of selected materials.

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KONE Planulator™
KONE Planulator™ dimensioning tool will allow you to quickly access and compare the space required by different elevator systems.
KONE Escalator toolbox
KONE Escalator Toolbox enables you to create customized CAD drawings and specs for the TravelMaster 110 and TransitMaster 120 escalator solutions.

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KONE Escalator Planner
The KONE Escalators Planner includes everything you need to know to plan your escalator or autowalk.

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KONE Escalator and Autowalk Design Tools
KONE dimensioning tool which allows architects and consultants to quickly access and compare the space required for different escalator and autowalk types.
Quick traffic (elevator traffic calculator)
KONE Quick Traffic calculation tool will give an architect or developer a quick initial estimate of the number of passenger elevators needed in the project.

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