Tower Bridge 2

Tower Bridge 1
February 20, 2020
Tower Bridge 3
February 20, 2020
After successfully finishing the “Tower Bridge” Complex, a complex with 5 buildings in which have begun to live families, to flourish businesses and to enjoy the beauty and commodity this residence offers, have just started the work for our newest project, Residence Tower Bridge II. This object has an orientation North East, South East and South West. The residence Tower Bridge II contains 5 residential floors, one floor with commercial premises and 2 floors for underground parking.

This residence consists of three buildings A, B and C and several apartments 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 with a diverse area. Tower Bridge II is the continuation of the implementation of the Eurocod standards. One of the most important processes is the selection of our collaborators so that we can have an excellent work. The green part is also one of our priorities, guaranteeing greenery place, tranquility and the fresh air which this zone offers.