Teleperformance Albania

Millenium Business Center
April 6, 2020
April 6, 2020

Teleperformance Albania (TP Albania) or officially Albania Marketing Service sh.p.k. (AMS) is an offshore business process outsourcing and contact center company in Albania. It is a subsidiary corporation of the Teleperformance Group. Teleperformance Albania was founded in 2008 to provide an off-shore CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for the Italian market but now it delivers services in English, Spanish, French and Greek.

Teleperformance Albania started with an initial capacity of 100 workstations and we grew exponentially by roughly doubling that number every six months. Today, TP in Albania operates from three sites: two in Tirana, and a third one in Durres, 40 km away with more than 2K employees. Our mission is to provide an excellent service through a tough language-skill selection process, by a highly motivated team and by the systematic adoption of Teleperformance Group´s world-class standards and tools. Our employees' enthusiasm and professionalism, along with a solid and redundant IT infrastructure, ensure a flexible, reliable and scalable solution for our clients' CRM needs.