Park Gate

Hotel Plaza Tirana
February 18, 2020
MAK Albania Hotel
February 18, 2020

“Park Gate" is a very special architectural and structural style building, near the entrance of Tirana Park in Elbasan Street. The strategic position in front of the "Faculty of History-Philology" and "Faculty of Economics", in Elbasan Street and near the Artificial Lake Park, make this object even more coveted by clients, both for housing and business.

The object consists of a combination of structures; on the east and south, it rises to the height of 13 floors and from the west and north side rises to the height of 7 floors. The building will have green terraces adapting to the latest trend of ecological terraced buildings, as well as a highly personalized 3-color façade. "Park Gate" includes 2 floors of services, 7 and 11 storey residency floors, as well as 2 underground parking floors.