Air Albania Stadium

Toptani Shopping Center
February 14, 2020

The Air Albania Stadium, also referred to as Arena Kombëtare is an all seater, multipurpose football stadium located in the capital city of Tirana which was built on the ground of the former Qemal Stafa Stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of 22,500 constituting the largest stadium in Albania The stadium is owned by the governing body of Albanian football, the Albanian Football Association (FSHF) and the Albanian State through Shoqëria Sportive Kuq e Zi Sh.A, a subsidiary established for the purpose of building, managing and maintaining the structure. Designed by Marco Casamonti of Archea Associati, the structure of the stadium is a peculiar multi-faceted form (an 8-faceted rectangle) so that each side allows access to distinct functions. At one corner of the stadium structure is a 112-meter tall tower (24 floors), which today is the tallest tower in Albania. Arena Center is an authentic, modern and multipurpose building located in the heart of Tirana. The multi-purpose building which is part of the New National Stadium Complex “ARENA KOMBETARE” is designed to promote activities and events by offering the potential customers all the necessary services in a single place.
The Arena Center is designed to comprise a 5 star Hotel (Tower), Commercial Area, Office Area and underground floors used as a parking area, making up a total gross building area of 54,000 sqm. A unique space that will radically change the consumption patterns. Brand named chain stores, restaurants and coffee shops, offices, hotels and entertainment areas for all family members, guarantying a comfortable, pleasant and safe tour around all spaces for its visitors. This way, people may easily and effectively choose what they search for. FASHION – FOOD – BUSINESS – LEISURE – SPORTS – FUN

All under one roof!